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  • Testing: folks smarter than me are stating testing, tracing, and isolating are ways in which you determine the scope of spread in communities. Absent that approach, many states are hoping for the best, with very few mitigation strategies for a virus with exponential growth
  • Questions remaining around containing the spread in homeless and housing insecure communities, as well as prisons
  • Businesses are opening with non compliance to existing guidance, as Mark Cuban found in Dallas using a team of secret shoppers
  • Discrepancies in ability to apply for PPP loan allocations, coupled with reports on small business runway (27 days for small businesses, 14 days for black owned small businesses)
  • According to Robert F. Smith (Vista Equity Partners), nearly a month after the passage of the CARES ACT, not all communities have equitable access to on boarding into the E Tran (electronic loan processing) system through the SBA. He has publicly stated that for those small businesses who do close permanently in Black communities, we could be facing years of urban blight
  • Stories of small businesses who have received PPP but fear not having their loans forgiven so they are not spending those funds
  • Locally, 75,000 youth in NYC without access to paid summer employment since the suspension of SYEP and other summer programs
  • Reports employers are bracing for a slow recovery, as current CEOs discuss a new normal
  • Decreased state revenue projections (projected deficits, austerity measures, and the possibility of relocations as it could be almost 2 years until a vaccine is available and widely distributed)
  • Then there’s the question of Federal leadership



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Ken Miles

Ken Miles

A guy who cares about Harlem. Strategist, HireHarlem Co-Founder, Manhattan Community Board 9, Former EIR @civichall, NMAAHC Ambassador, V.C. Thinker & doer.